Today, 1/16/2018 is the beginning of the Sagh’ic Otter Moon . Moon of Hope

The Dark-moon has risen and give rise to the new Otter Moon. This Otter moon is also a blood moon. As was the Otter Moon of 2017.

The Sagh’ic stories around the otter moon is one of , rejuvenation , love and feelings of hope to those who feel weary and hopeless.  It can also be a reminder that we need to care for ourselves’, so we can continue the path we are on and care for others. being this is a sacred story held by the Elders, of which i am not yet. i will be paraphrasing the story, hitting the high lights.

So the story goes, That in the time before time, there was a warrior. He walked across the belly of Mather Tei ( the earth) , for what seemed to be an eternity .  He was constantly on alert, fighting  everything around him. The Elements, Animals, other Two-legged such as himself.  As the wheel of life turned he grew weary. He longed for the sweet rest in the Rolling Valleys , beyond where Art the mother bear lay. He came to her asking to pass from this life to the next ; as always she sent him back. after many turnings he lost all hope . He could not see past his own pain and longing for sweet peace. so as most days he wandered, The air was cold , he was in deep despair , so weakened by hunger and fighting ,he came upon a lake. Now most experienced warriors would have started a fire, caught dinner and settled in against the wind and snow. However, he had neither the strength nor desire to do so.  He sat down and looked out at the water placid and quiet, except for a lone Otter, that poked its head up and then disappeared. In his state of exhaustion he fell asleep.

Now the full moon had risen, the light shined so bright that everything was silver and shining bright and shining . along the shore he saw a fire, and as he approached it he could see the outline of a woman , she had fish on the fire, mead and other foods. She stood up and removed all the armor, weapons he carried. Removed the clothing stained and smelling of Blood ,sweat and tears.  he was led down to the water, where she bathed him, cared for his wounds . The two played in the waters, the cold seemed not to bother them. After they lay in each others arms, under a fur blanket and he ate his fill , enjoyed the company of the woman for what seemed like months and years, ( this was before we measured time, who can say how long the night was).  He fell asleep in her arms, dreamed of a different life and of love. A life where he could see a bright future and all the world had to offer.

When the day came and Grian the sun , chased his sister the moon from the sky, the Warrior saw, that he was alone, he wondered if everything had been a dream . as he packed to leave, he heard the slap of a tail , on the water s he turned he saw a large otter dive beneath the lake.  He then continued on his journey, rejuvenated, confident and full of hope, that he ma76y find that same happiness again.

So as we are pulled and torn between caring for others, the state of our communities and nations , the environment being assaulted and negative things happening around us, it is easy to grow weary, depressed and feel hopeless .  Take some time for self-care. Unplug, take a walk on the beach, in the snow, or just a cup of coffee and a book . We can not fight for those things we love and against that which we fear , if we are in the state of the warrior.  there will be another day, lets see the beauty not the Darkness.

Ghost and Shadows of Christmas’ Past, Present and Future , That have attached to Us !!

So it seems that the Christmas season has Begun earlier and earlier every year. The Stores begin decorating before all Hallows Eve and  we are being told we need this and that to be Happy.  We all know the person . That is so excited and over the top. We are bombarded with the images of the happy Norman Rockwell images of the holiday gatherings, Santa  and holiday themes are put on all the products  we see.  Messages of Peace, Love and Joy are touted , as people almost run you down in the stores in order to grab that last sale.

While this time of the year evokes nostalgia and the feeling of Family, Others’ it invokes the Dickeness view of the Holidays. I remember that at one time I hated both the movie version Dickens ” Christmas Carol” . For the life of me I could Not Understand why? Until I began to Study Shamanic healing. Due to my perception , and life experiences in was viewing this tale through my own distortion of reality. I was so Stuck in the Muck and Mires in my own world, that all I could see was the Shit and darkness that surrounded me.  I envied the picture perfect families . Believed that they were all as they seemed and felt robed of that life. As I began to walk the path towards Initiation as a Ceann-luiL I became aware, that EVERYONE has the same Ghosts that attach to them . The person on the street trying to survive to the richest person on earth are caught in the same Holiday Hell. Some of us withdraw from society and curse the holidays based on our poor experiences in the Past years, Others go over the top to bring the families that “Perfect” Christmas, that they always wanted but never had as a child. Others, put themselves in debt by over spending, because their children should not experience the idea of not having what they want.  These Christmas spirits as Dickens called them , were actually Shadows contained in the Character of Scrooge and all the other characters in the society the author put down on paper.

These , Christmas spirits were  merely a writer’s way to get us all to look inside ourselves.  In the Sagh’ic Shamanic tradition there are 3 great Fears, of the first man.  They are : Abandonment. Being seen as Different by others and being Alone. When these 3 fears or Demons  show themselves, we are usually not even aware of them . All we have is the emotional response the evoke . We tend to Self-judge and blame ourselves . 

  So about now you are saying , I have no Ghosts attached to me. I love the holidays, Family and Friends. Good for you. However, let me ask one or two questions. How many of us dread going to family functions, work related parties, church functions and other gatherings. Yet you Go because you feel obligated.  Worry that if you do not, others will notice your absence . May criticize you or give you the cold shoulder at work, Or have to explain why you were the only child, grand child .. Not to show up. Secondly, do you self-medicate just to get through those parties ? How many times I have heard  stories or witnessed first hand , some one say , If it wasn’t for the Wine, Beer  , eggnog etc.. I wouldn’t have made it through the holidays. We do all kinds of things to keep the shadows away.  We subject ourselves to being around Abusers, those we do not like  . All because we do not want to be Alone on the holidays, Be abandoned and forgotten by others and left out  and comply because to do so would make others see us as different, odd, nonconforming.  

To truly Heal” Become Whole again” we must , first learn to love ourselves.  This process takes a willingness to confront the Shadows of Christmases  Past, See how these Shadows have Shaped our perception of  Christmas Present and Not be drawn into our need to be remembered in some idealized view in Future Christmases .


Only then can the Song with in you ( soul) , truly Sing of ..Comfort and Joy.




The Dark Moon has Passed, now the Wolf moon has begun.

Every full Moon begins in Darkness, Just as everything is born from darkness. The Wolf moon and Dark moon of this month are about letting things go. In the Sagh’ic tradition, they were Nomadic people. They Cremated their dead, but the remains were carried for moons afterwards. The Bones were returned to the Mountain of Bran the Raven and the dead were let go both as a physical breaking of the attachment to Them and them to US.
The Hunt is done, snow is beginning to fall. and they would be in their winter homes, with family and community preparing for the Hard winter A head of them. It was a Time of being with the clan, like wolves in a den. Caring for each other, depending on each other, As they waited for the Long-Night of Geol ( Yule) TO Arrive. This was 

time that everyone participated in because, come spring their numbers would have decreased due to death, Famine and disease.
In this tradition , we see the Wolf and his traits of loyalty, strength, community etc.. However, for the Sagh’ic the Wolf was said to be the First Ceann-luiL the first walker between the lands of Man and Spirit. He chose to take on the Job that no other in the forest would agree to do. He was sent to bring the world of Man back in Harmony with the forest. This encounter, was promising at first. Women and children welcomed him and listened. But the hearts of Men were bound by the fears of the First Man FEAR ( PhaR). So out of fear they killed him and cut him into many pieces. He was then placed under the great tree Yirgiddia , where he sleeps . This was the first sacrifice for Mankind. There is also the story of the child of light and his sacrifice , when the wraiths of the dead, steal the light, and the sacrifice of a Young Boy that saves the fire. But that will be another story to post.
As we head into the long dark nights of winter’s season, we need to let go of the Fears, Pains and doubts that we have carried this past year. This is the season of sacrifice, Rebirth and letting GO. Do not carry the things that do not make your soul sing . Time to release yourselves from the Past Burdens that slow you down, steal your energy and you carry on your back like the bones of the dead. Move into the next spring unencumbered . This is the season of New beginnings. Do not look back at the past , the things that you should have done, might have done differently or that you neglected to do at all. Bury those dead things, Let go of self-judgement and self loathing. Tis the season to be Born Again.

why do expectations lead to self-judgement, and why they divide us .

     Throughout our lives, we have had dreams of what are lives should be; these expectations rarely materialize into reality. Moreover, when they do follow our perceived reality, become attainable and fulfill our desire we tend to doubt ourselves. We look at our achievements and wonder what if…
This comes from a state of imbalance in our Song(soul) . When we think we failed, we judge ourselves harshly. When we appear to succeed , we may even judge ourselves harder. Feel trapped abandoned, alone and to change would be to admit what we have accomplished was a lie. The fears and shadows do not discriminate. The person that has nothing and the billionaire , feel the same self judgement , the same primal fears.
We as two-legged beings , are focusing too much on our differences. The poor blame the greedy rich, that in turn look at the poor and can not understand why they can not succeed. The next time we judge others, look into the scary place of your Song(soul) . Ask yourself, why does this bother me? Then do the messy work and ask yourself what inside me needs to change . What dream, anger, fear etc.. do I Need to let go of, that does not feed the person with in this body.

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World River Day

Yesterday, was declared world river day. As a water guardian of the Sagh’ic, I was planning on making offerings and performing a Ritual in this role. My ritual changed , as I drove to the river. It became a Ritual of awareness, lamenting and witness. An accountability for my actions or inactions so to speak.
The morning was cloudy with peaked of sun. As I recited my morning prayer the call to the ancestors:

Oh my ancestors call to me…
that I can’t stand on the bones of the earth, …rise with flight of wing,
…Stand under the songs of the stars,
…sing with the wind in the boughs,
…run with fleet of foot,
…swim with soldering of fins
Come sing your songs to me, come hear my song.
AS The rushing rivers and burning fires…
As first cry of birth and last sigh of death
Singer and song , one BREATH, one BLOOD one BONE one SONG.

This is a daily reminder of my connection to all . As Imaerta the sky began to cry, I witnessed the water pool and run off into the rivers. It carries our waste, garbage, discarded item’s with it polluting the feeder streams. Blocked by our dams, salmon by fish barriers . I watched the debris and cried with the sky. I watched as people rode bikes to raise money for human illnesses, yet were blind to the earth and oceans illnesses. They see themselves as more than the environment, nature discarding cups and wrappers as they stopped to rest.
As an Animist I can not separate myself from , Nor see myself as better than another soul. Watch people, use the world for their recreational activities, as they destroy habitat with their 4 wheelers, bikes and camping. This, ensuring their presence was documented on the land and waters. My generation grew up with polluted earth, air and water. Brown air, orange sky, rainbow rivers etc.. now ib see it’s return on the horizon. This may be the black river of r shadow and memory . The white river of milk and teachings , connection to the great mother , nurturing and compassion slowly ignored. The river of our blood ancestors and earthly lineage, used to justify hate, racism in the world. People caught in their own dreams , seeing others not of their upbringing as inferior. I stand in the blue River of Avon Gorem , as I beacon of service to spirit . I asked that two-legged remember their connections to all the rivers. With out rivers in balance, healthy and alive we will die.
The oceans, rivers, streams are a metaphor for the the destruction of ourselves. Our arrogance and focus on individual differences, rather than working together . The people blaming others , feeling their positions are the only right way. Too many of our spiritual teachers , are pushing the world in the direction they see as better, not because of connection to Spirit but personal beliefs.
This causes division.
As a Ceann’luiL, I must stand at the center , holding tension on both sides.
On this world river day, add your tears to the rivers . Tell the waters your going to take responsibility for your own actions. Maybe, enough of us doing this can cause change. Just ask yourself each night, " what have i done today to make the ancestors proud. " remember you are also an ancestor.

Falcon or Pheasant, Which are you?

In the Sagh’ic  Tradition, The past full moon was the Pheasant and Falcon moon. Other traditions saw it as the Harvest moon and many other names . In Our tradition , This Moon is a transition point leading up to the Winter Moon s. As a nomadic tradition, this was a time to hunt and

 harvest , and leave behind anything that slowed down the group  and kept the Sagh’ic from  getting to their winter encampment. THey also celebrated the Pheasant that gave its life to feed the clan. They Knew that both were part of life and death. Both Caught in an Eternal Dance . Without the Falcon , the pheasants would over populate and cause a Famine, with out the Pheasants the Falcon would die of starvation. So this Dance of Life and Death mimicked the turning of the Great Wheel we call life, the seasons etc.. 

Spiritually, This is a time to ask ourselves” What do we HUNT and What HUNTS US”.  In this modern world, it is hard for Us to relate to the Older ideas of who we are, where we are going and the times of making decisions that effected the whole Clan . However, our decisions are doing just that. Every decision , choice we make to do something or do nothing effects our family, community and the world.  We hunt for the latest and greatest technology, we hunt to find happiness, we hunt for our next paycheck , we hunt for a nicer home or better schools. We hunt for a connection to the world , nature , family and community Love.  Moreover we Hunt for a Connection to OURSELVES and ask WHO AM I ?  What is my Purpose? 

What we do not realize is , that we have everything in our grasp already. That the things we are hunting  are also hunting us and creating the very things that keep us from finding what we seek.  Our whole idea of what are Wants and Needs have become blurred. we buy the $7.00 coffee , Smoke at $ 10.00 a pack, buy the $1000.00 of camping, hiking , boating equipment . We by alcohol at $6.00 to 20.00 a day. We all do recreational drugs to a point,and do not realize it: Caffeine, Sugar, alcohol,marijuana, Xanax, over exercising, gym memberships , Shopping , Social media, phones and many other ways we cope.  Then we search for how to pay our bills like housing, utilities, automobiles. When our THINGS get to be too expensive, find another Job that allows us to buy more or loose what we have.

An Addiction is the use of anything, that has an impact of our lives, health and causes a negative impact on the users ability to enjoy life. It also causes strains in relationships, ability to work and family. Also , leads to Denial that they have a problem when confronted.

The Falcon and Pheasant moon, gives us the time to reflect and change behavior , let go of what doesn’t feed our souls.





What is driving the violence in the world? Mob mentality? Apathy?

   Throughout history, every generation on earth has seen its share of violence, disaster, etc.. I am sure that these people thought that the world was coming to an end. The Hindu texts, christian bible , koran and many other cultures sacred texts tell of apocalyptic events100_8160

 that changed humanities perception of reality. Historians have documented these events also, trying to make sense of what they were seeing unfold at the time of their writings .  Many of those that spoke out, were executed, killed by mobs or retreated in exile to another country, the wilderness, caves or other places where their views were more accepted, or at least the fear for their lives was decreased. Each of those generations survived. The one thing that gave them an edge was comunity. A sense that there was neighbours, teachers, parents, towns and the list goes on , of  those who saw that it was their place to help and watch over each other. The children were watched , parents informed of bad behavior, police notified when something suspicious was going on and the elderly and those needing help were known by name. It was not a perfect place, but they all had a vested interest in their towns. Did crime, violence, racism and discrimination occur ? of course. I am not condoning any of the behaviors that harmed or caused emotional or physical pain. 

 We Currently live in a world where , we can access the news, information and all kinds social media sites.  These have created a culture, where we have 1000 friends or 100000 likes when we post something we like. Yet we do not interact with or know our next door neighbours. We push past the elderly and disabled in the stores. Race through school zones and endanger other peoples children, because we are running late to pic up our own.  We might see a person , whose grocery bags tear and its contents spilled out, laugh , make a video and share it ,as they crawl around looking to collect the items. However, we do not think that that may be the only food they have for the month and loosing a can of soup means a day without a meal.  Of late, we have herd about groups watching people drown, die in auto accidents and even think its funny to talk or bully someone into suicide. As parents, we do not know that our children are struggling, emotionally in pain etc. because we are too busy to check on them. I have known families, where the parents don’t see their children for a week. The blame the child for hiding in their room.  We slowly saw our families erode, face to face interaction diminish over a long number of years. Moreover we have seen the consequences of community collapsing or no longer existing. Over the past 3 years , i posted to the social media meetup . I gained as many as 50 members. The plan was to have an online community, but also meet. Not one person showed up. I posted a question thinking i was off the mark. it was simple. “What course would you like the group to take? discuss? or meet at monthly?  Not one person responded at all. Yet when i shut down the group i received angry emails as if i abandoned them. 

Why am i addressing and writing about this? Because of an event that occurred in the 1960’s in New York city. A woman was raped and murdered in the courtyard of a highrise apartment complex. Police during their investigation , found out there were Hundreds of people that witnessed , heard the woman’s plea for help, yet did nothing. The one thing they all said was we did not want to get involved and someone else will call if not them. The term Psychology professional coined, was “Mob Mentality”. This idea lead to mass exterminations during wars, religious groups allowing abuse to happen, protesters destroying property and turning a blind eye to crime. 

This Abdication of responsibility has flourished as we withdraw from the world. As we start to believe that our personal individual happiness , supersedes the needs of the communities we live in. Social media has  created a “Mob Mentality”.  We only engage in those individual things that effect us or feed our Ego.  We find ourselves saying, let someone else deal with that issue. As my teacher and friend , Dr. John-Luke Edwards  Of the Sagh’ic has said ,” we have begun getting wrapped up in the cult of the individual“.  This results in our pushing of political, religious, cultural and environmental ideas . Thus when one side pushes their points , the equal and opposite force pushes back. This friction creates an energy that will eventually explode outwards. Both sides believing their views are the only right ones. Thus being seen as Radicals by most of society outside of their beliefs. When this happens , we begin to turn away and apathy sets in to a routine of not engaging with that which we do not feel makes us happy. 

In the Sagh’ic animist tradition there is no concept of good and evil, everything is a result of choices, but one demon that is growing even as we speak. that is The Great Nothingness. This is fed by Apathy. The decision to do NOTHING. 

  This cult of the individual , Mob Mentality and Apathy has created a perfect storm in the world. In society, politics and environment. Wars and mass killings, Homelessness , global warming , environmental issues , human rights and virtually all the issues we are seeing develop is because of these and the 3 fears of man. 






So many people practicing different forms of Spirituality, who is right?

In Animism, which is what I practice, there is no right nor wrong form of spirituality. Many of us have our roots in organized religions, for me it was Roman Catholicism. Others it may be various forms of Christianity, Judaism, Islam , Hinduism and Eastern and African religions . As an Animist, I see value in all religious practices and also their failures. In Animism, i was given a new concept of Sin. To Sin is to place a barrier between yourself and someone or something else.  This can be against another Human or the Divine as we are accustomed to thinking. However, in Animism it also includes the Earth, Nature, and ourselves.  This is where my training as a Sagh’ic Ceann-luiL comes into play. I Believe that the concept of a soul, is different from main stream religions.

We of the Sagh’ic say we are ONE SONG . We see the soul as part of the great divine song. our songs, make up the notes of the One Great Song. In quantum physics, we are told that everything in the universe and beyond has a Vibration. What is a Song but a vibration that emanates from the object. Therefore , we can postulate that everything that has a unique vibration or Song has a Unique Soul . This Soul, is equal to any other soul. No one Soul is held above another in importance. The difference between Humans and their Song and those  of everything else, is that the other songs are considered Pure because they act on instinct and we have free will.  This concept of Free will does not give us an advantage or the right to call ourselves better. We are merely different. The Song emanates from the stars above . Since we are all part of the same great song, we are connected to the whole .

We say that we are One Breath . The earth has a finite amount of oxygen. This oxygen gets recycled. It may be in a plant , animal , mineral  or free in the wind. The ancestors knew, that the air they breathed was the same air as what someone else breathed before them. This was the same air that the descendants that came after them would also breath . Therefore, all breath comes from the same source. Also , Breathing is something we can not stop doing. So it connected them to the Divine. They saw speech as a sacred gift. So through sharing their voice they were sharing a Divine gift, part of their Song.

One Bone, At first thought we ask how is it possible to share a Bone? As a Sagh’ic animist , and in many traditions recognise, that our bones come from the earth. The earth, then fashions a vessel from her body to hold the Song upon its journey to birth . This Vessel then returns to the earth as ash, flesh , bone etc.. The building blocks then break down and are used again in the creation of other vessels. Our bodies contain the dust of the stars and components from others who walked before us. This cycle will continue after we are here.

This leaves us with the last piece One Blood. As a Ceann’luiL, I hold the blood of the first Ceann’luiL. The first walker between. Moreover, our blood is that shared blood of the past, present and future. This was an ancient concept, from a nomadic peoples . This was proven in the last half of the 20th century , with the discovery and research on DNA. Blood was also seen as Fire. The fire to create, the passion , anger and other emotions were seen as connected to Fire. This fire connection , made us one with the molten earth that flows from the volcano, the lightning etc. This Fire or Blood connects us to everything.

Through these connections, we are one. There is no them or us. Because everything is also inside of us.  Some of the differences between Most religions and Animism, is that in Animist thinking, there is no God . We give the designation of totem animals, to certain spirits, because their attributes are what we value. We use these animals to remind us how to behave.  Animism is not a religion, its a daily , living practice.  It allows us to pause and ask what unresolved issues or shadows, do i have, that caused me to get upset by someone else’s behavior, comments or actions. Everything External reflects the internal yet to be resolved.

This in No way addresses everything, but it is a good starting point .




The three fears that hold us feeling lost in a desert?

hamanSo in the Sagh’ic Tradition, an old tradition of the indo-European  area of the world, there is the belief that  when the world was created and the forest , was populated by all the plants and animals etc.. the Last animal to come down the tree of life was Man.  Unlike the other animals the first Man, was weak, vulnerable and helpless. Raised by the Cow Bo, he was passed off to Muk the wild sow. This created the first fear, the fear of Abandonment.  Then when he was with Muk and her children, he looked into the waters of the ocean, and realized , that he was different from the other animals of the forest. Rather than, embracing his being different he ran off . The Second Fearof Man was Born the FEAR of being seen as Different .  In the grips of this fear he runs away, separating himself from the other children of the forest and creation of the Third great Fear, The Fear of being alone.  So to keep from being alone, the first Man, Lay down in the forest and Went to sleep. This world as we know it is His dream. In the stories the first man is called ” FEAR”( pronounced Phar). So what do these fears do and how do they relate  to Us.

The Three fears of ‘Fear”, led us to self- judgement. We begin to look at our mistakes and not at the good in our lives. We start to hear that little voice inside, that whispers that we are not deserving of love, friendship, family . we believe we are not good enough. Should have never done the things in life that we have to regret.

Sure we have all made choices and decisions that we can look back on with regret. That is part of growing up. We are taught that some decisions are good and others bad. These are judgements.  We begin to blame others for the problems we have. We begin to hang out with those people that validate our decisions . That buy into our scenarios etc..  Soon the story that we tell to ourselves and others, begins to define us not by who we truly are, but by our story. Some become entrenched in the dreams of others, like parents, teachers, friends or a spouse. These dreams are not ours and lead to resentment, anger , loneliness . Still others, lead to addictive behaviors, such as drugs , alcohol, multiple sexual partners , over exercise, facebook, gaming  and other things that keep us from fully engaging and distracts us from the issues around us.  We eventually ,  carry so many other peoples’ dreams that we are left wondering WHO WE ARE ?  lost with out a compass in a barren and hostile landscape. Or stuck in the muck and mire that we see as our own reality.

So how do we  end this vicious cycle .? The first step, is to realize that you have a choice. No one is going to save you. No God. No person. No Healer.  You must make the choice to stay in the familiar crap, or move forward. Many choose the crap, because it is familiar. The movement forward is scary and unknown .  This is their Choice, as we are all beings of Free will.  Others, will spend their lives looking, reading and never really committing to their need for change. They  cling to safety like a tether. venturing forwards, but always looking behind, to make sure they can find their way back to the past.  Change is scary.,It  takes faith in yourself and confidence that when we leap forward, we will not plunge to our death.   When we leap with passion and conviction, we leap like Dahb the great stag that leapt and caught the sun Grian in his antlers.  This passion, will help cut into the darkness and allow us to walk into the new light ahead of us.  Only  then can we , find our way out of the isolation and that self imposed place of pain and loneliness . 

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